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After many years on the forbidden fruit list, the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R is fair game in America. Nissan too has a product and a very special one at that, the Godzilla of cars, the GT-R. Whereas here in Oz, we see the R33 GT-R's as the R32's fatter and less successful sibling, around the world, it's the R33 that's usually perceived as the hero car. Toward the end of my time with this Japanese monster in robot clothing, I get a text from my brother asking if he could go for a spin in the GT-R.

Nissan Navara 2014 features in the popular commercial vehicle group due to its 2.5L-4x4 inline or 3.0L-V6 cylinder, with intercooled turbo-diesel, DOHC. The system then reproduces an acoustically opposite signal through the sound system, cancelling much of the unwanted noise, letting you savor the invigorating sounds of GT-R's engine even more.

It has changed up the segment with its scorching performance and lower-price tag compared to the competition, thus making it your everyday supercar. Generating more than four times the factory horsepower and torque led to the essential reinforcement of the driveline.

The Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 was prominently showcased in the fourth film, Fast & Furious. Known as Hakosuka among enthusiasts — it wasn't ‘Godzilla' always — the first-generation car was rear-wheel drive, had a high-revving inline six engine, and was, later in its life, offered as a two-door coupe as well.

Where interiors of cars like the Porsche 911 are flamboyant and luxurious, the Nissan's dashboard looks more like a technological Nissan Skyline GT-R tour-de-force; it seems to have come straight out of a teenager's gaming console. Three switches allow for on-the-fly adjustment of specific performance parameters for the transmission, suspension, and Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system.

in Ontario, California, has imported from Japan many different cars—from the Honda Beat to the NSX Type R—that meet NHTSA's new standard for vehicles at least 25 years old. This high-tech sport coupe is overflowing with technology that makes it one of the easiest ultra-high-performance vehicles to drive.

Lamphear's car came to the U.S. through a private broker, and it's pretty stunning, a high-mileage chassis with an upgraded interior and track-ready chassis tuning, plus a low-mileage, tricked-up engine. This was the car that shifted her focus, leading to the purchase of her first R32 GT-R and a new passion for all-wheel-drive, inline-six drivelines.

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